A Letter From The General

Dear Parents and Campers,

Last summer, I had the privilege of bringing my four year-old grandson to the Dixie Basketball Camp for the first time. He only stayed two days, but it was pure joy to watch as he got swept away by the SPIRIT and ENTHUSIASM from the older campers, who treated him as one of them.

It was a proud moment for me. Every summer, I ask our campers how many of their dad's attended Dixie. Usually 40-50 raise their hand. The past few years, I have asked how many of their grandfather's attended Dixie. Every week, a few raise their hands. And now my grandson, Will, is one of them. Dixie has truly become a special experience, and one that fathers and grandfathers are passing down to their sons and grandsons. 

Each summer in Summit, Mississippi, I see 500 aspiring young basketball players, who come to the Dixie Basketball Camp, that display the attitude, effort and team spirit that makes me excited for my grandson's future! I see campers who say "Yes Sir and No Sir" and act like gentlemen in the cafeteria. I see future leaders who work hard every day, and love it, when I ask them, ARE YOU FIRED UP?!? They respond, "YES SIR, FIRED UP SIR!!"

I tell the kids every summer, that the athletic arena is life’s greatest workshop!  Nowhere in our society can a young person learn the value of discipline, dedication, hard work, teamwork, and overcoming adversity as in the athletic arena.  My Dad knew this all too well and created the culture and spirit of our summer basketball camp that has literally lived on for 52 years. Dixie is a special experience and I thank God for the opportunity he continues to give us to inspire campers to be the very best they can be.

Dixie is a throwback camp. No other camp in the South last a FULL week, and gives its campers the kind of instruction, teaching, motivation, and spirit that inspires us all, and lives on in us throughout the year.

So, for the 52nd summer, let me invite you to be a part of a legendary basketball camp experience, one stocked full of inspiring stories, excessive enthusiasm, and old school discipline and work ethic. It is absolutely a week you will never forget. See you in July!


Joe Dean Jr.
Camp Director (General II)

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