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What is the difference in the two dorms?
First of all, the campers are placed in the dorms by age, so every camper is near fellow campers in his age range. The men's dorm has two bedroom suites with a bathroom in between and accommodates up to three campers per room (six per suite). This dorm usually houses the younger campers. The women's dorm has three bedrooms per suite with two common bathrooms and accommodates two campers per room (six total per suite). This dorm usually houses the older campers.

What will my son need to bring to camp?
Each room is empty, except for a beds and dressers. He will need to bring his own sheets, pillows and towels as well as any toiletries or mats he would like.

What else can my son bring to put in his room?
Campers are allowed to bring televisions, stereos, video game systems, refrigerators, snacks, etc., if they would like. Each room has cable access and free wireless internet.

How are campers divided into their respective leagues for 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 competition?
The camp has four leagues. The ACC is made up of 5th and 6th graders. The SEC is made up 7th and 8th graders. The ABA is made up of 8th and 9th graders while the NBA is made up of players from grades 10-12. The initial determination of which league a camper is placed in is based on his grade and size. After observing the campers play on Sunday and Monday, league changes can be made.

Camp capacity is 280, or four leagues of 70 campers. Obviously, the breakdown of campers by grade doesn't always fall in line with these numbers. This creates situations where campers from the same grade may end up in different leagues.

Camp coaches assess players abilities the first night and will move more advanced players up to compete against better competition, to the extent possible.

How much money does my son need to bring and what can he spend it on?
Most parents on average give their son $60-80 for late night snacks and other items. The school's student union is open to campers and features pool tables and ping pong as well as a snack bar that is very popular, particularly after night games, with the campers.

There is also a camp store that carries official Dixie Basketball Camp items such as shorts, shirts, bags, etc.

How can I talk to my son at camp?
The campus has no pay phones, but campers are allowed to bring their own cell phones to use to call home. You will find the times campers have free on our schedule page.

Campers can also receive mail. The camp address is Dixie Basketball Camp c/o Southwest Mississippi Community College, Summit, MS 39666.

What is the camp's Tax ID?
The camp operates as a sole proprietorship and does not have a dedicated Tax ID number.

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